Sanguinololu firmware for the Rostock mini

I bought a used Sanguinolou 1.3a from eBay that was already loaded with a Mega1284P chip containing Sprinter. The board appears to be working fine although the only test I have made on it is to power it up through puTTY and verify that it boots into Sprinter. Since the Rostock needs to run a modified Marlin, I decided it would be good to learn how to start from scratch with a brand new 1284P. I ordered two from Mouser and also ordered a zeptoprogII programmer from eBay. The zeptoprogII is an AVR MkII compatible programming USB dongle.

I swapped out the Programmed chip for one of the new ones and then had some fun figuring out how to use these tools with the programmer. I have not been able to make the zeptoprogII board play nice with Aurdino but it does work well with AVR Studio. What I ended up doing was installing the bootloader via AVR studio, complied the marlin-delta firmware in Aurdino IDE, then burned the resulting HEX file using AVR Studio. I tested this using puTTY and after figuring out the baud rate was 250000 got it to respond to a reset. Also installed Pronterface and tested the board with that as well albeit without board to the stepper drivers. Just powered the logic with the USB cable only.

So I have a working procedure for setting up a bootloader and new firmware into a brand new micro controller chip. It just isn’t elegant.

Found two sets of instructions on this on the Internet. The first was the instructions on hard I am using the fuse settings and bootloader from these instructions. Unfortunately, I could not get Aurdino IDE to talk to the zeptoprogII. So the work around was to just burn the file using AVR Studio. Once the bootloader was in place, also struggled to get the compiled firmware into the board using the Arduino IDE. Problem is that the AVR Studio Jungo driver is not compatible with the IDE. Even so I had problems even when installing the libusb driver as well. The final work around for this was to use the AVR Studio to burn the firmware as well.

While digging around the reprap website I found instructions for setting up the 1284P chip using the Gen7 electronics toolset. This uses Arduino 1.03 vs 0023 and supposedly supports board using this chip now. I didn’t test the bootloader installation through the IDE because I had already switched the drivers. I did however install the bootloader in AVR Studio using the fuse definitions in the boards.txt file for the Gen7 package. I then tried to install the firmware using the Ardinuo 1.03 package configured for Gen7 hardware but could not get that to work either.

I mention all this for completeness as I would eventually like to get the Aurdino toolsets to do these tasks from start to finish. Hopefully more later…

So now I have to clean up the sanguinololu board a bit before I hook it up to the Rostock mini. The previous owner seems to have soldered to all the headers so I will need to replace them. Also need to get the power supply wired up as is a 12V 30A supply that needs a switch and some AC connectors before I can use it.


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Owner and operator of Makerbot CupCake #1603; Puling Prusa Mendel and setting up a Rostock Mini.
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