Creality CR-10S Now Operational

The Creality CR-10S is working quite well now. I struggled a bit getting the right “feel” for the bed leveling but I have this pretty well dialed in now. I am currently printing with PLA with a nozzle temperature of 200°C and bed temperature of 60°C on plain glass. I am adding a brim to most print to aid in the first layer adhesion. I have printed several parts now with these settings with success. here are some hinge parts for a couple of solar panels:


I have also printed a holder for my radio headset:


The headset mount took just under 2 hours to print with 30% fill. Both models came from Thingiverse.


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I’m Baaaackkk!!!

I have been without a working 3D printer very a very long time. The two machines I have are not operational and need some replacement parts printed up. I have many ideas for projects that I needed to build to support my Ham Radio Activities so I decided it was time to source a new machine. I decided on a Creality CR-10S because of its good reviews and because assembly time was only about and hour. The technology has sure changed since the Makerbot Cupcake days.  This machine is built using aluminum extrusion, uses rollers and has a separate control box. The build volume is a generous 300x300x400mm!

It is working quite nicely out of the box.


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Prusa i2 as a CNC?

I hadn’t planned on doing much with the unfinished Prusa i2 machine as it would require quite a bit of work to get an extruder mounted on it. This is why I have been concentrating on the Prusa i3 as it is much further along. I am thinking about converting the Prusa i2 inot a CNC milling machine. It is likely only capable of light jobs like PCB milling but may be useful. Some folkes have tried this but it is still unclear to me the tool chain that I would need to use so I’ll update as progress is made.

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Prusa i3 Progress

The Marlin firmware I had for the Migbot Prusa i3 was not working. I have had to change many setting t get it to work with a standrad size bed and auto-leveling. I started by adjusting homing to use an inductive sensor for the z-axis. The z safe homing feature came in handy.This was all done without the extruder in place to prevent crashing into the bed while adjusting. Next up was setting up auto-leveling. I am still adjusting the offsets but this appears to work well. After installing the extruder I had to adjust the leveling sensor against the nozzle height. Crashed the bed several times…ouch! I think the nozzle is ok but it is hard to tell.

So now the machine homes and runs the autoleveling code. Next need to adjust for bed center and nozzle initial height. Once this is done I can clean up the wiring and start looking at testing the extruder. I have a spool of 1.75mm ABS that just arrived from Amazon. Looks like this may be ready to test actual printing on soon.

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Prusa i3 lives!

Moved through my punch list for getting the Migbot Prusa i3 operational. I drilled out the metal x carriage to mount the MK 8 extruded and formed a mounting plate for the inductive sensor out of sheet aluminum. The aluminum work was easier than expected. Used tin snips to cut the shape and a vise as a brake. Next I used some aluminum foil to shim the z axis bearings. Then replaced all the GT2 belts and tightened them up. Some JST connectors came in and I replaced a few on the wiring harness. After wiring everything up I was able to fire up the controller and execute a few moves of the extruder and test that the bed and extruder heated up.

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Prusa i3 Update

I modified the x-carriage mount on the Prusa i3 to allow installaton of the Mk8 extruder. I need to cut some M3 screws down to size but it looks like it will work out. I also fabricated a mount for the auto leveling sensor out of a piece of sheet aluminum. I used a vise as a sheet metal brake and it turned out pretty good as well. I need to also cut down some screws to finish the installation of this as well.

Next issue to attack will be the weak z-axis linear bearing mounts. I’ll try using some sort of shim material until I can print some new parts out of ABS to replace the ones on the machine now.I have some new GT2 belt material and will replace all belts on the machine.So far so good.

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It’s Alive!!!!

I managed to get Marlin RC7 complied and loaded onto a RAMPS 1.4 board and somewhat configured for the Rostock Mini. I hooked everything up, applied power and then tested some things. It moved when I told it to and the extruder temp started reporting temperatures. It’s Alive! Lots of work to do on it though. TOmorrow I’ll tighten the belts and service the J-head. Then the tuning begins. Here is the mess on the test bench:


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